15 grados paloma hurtado

15º al Oeste

Concept: Paloma Hurtado
Choreography and performance:Laura Marrero, Daniel Morales, Paloma Hurtado
Costumes (design and making): Raquel Rodríguez
Music: Kaki King (Street ligth in the egg), Jocelyn Pook (Romeo y Julieta, Forever without end), Gold Panda (An iceberg hurled northwards through clouds), The foas (Spanish Sahara instrumental), Jon Hopkins (Vessel), Max Richter (Infra 5).
Art Coordinator: Helena Berthelius
Production Assistant: Begoña Domínguez
Produced by: Auditorio de Tenerife


“The sky of the summer. nights guides us. Sand clouds migrate in reddish-orange billows from the Sahara desert, creating paths that connect with other paths, with other people; creating borders that can be knocked down in just one step.  We wait… we wait for them to arrive. We wait for the journey to commence, for someone to come back, for someone to set off for unknown lands. Waiting sometimes becomes infinite, as infinite as the universe where stars shine is, as infinite as the possibilities in the horizon before a journey are.”