Concept & creation: Samuel Aguilar y Paloma Hurtado.
Interpretation: Samuel Aguilar y Paloma Hurtado.
Choreography: Paloma Hurtado.
Music: Samuel Aguilar.
Text: extract from Silencio, John Cage.
Lenght: 23’.
Premier: february 2015.


Taking as its starting point silence and as the main reference work study Silence, published in 1961 and which brings together lectures and writings by American composer John Cage, Aguilar and Hurtado take the challenge of working through this concept from the opposite site. Understanding the silence as the absence of sound, and thus, in a broader sense, the absence of movement, these two artists approach their own reflection on the silence with the creation
of non-silence in one piece, from dance and from music. Can you find a sound that evokes the silence? Can a moving body express stillness, lack of movement?
You may find this piece in silence as a meeting place, as a language that art takes to say what otherwise can not be said; silence can emerge not only those unanswered questions, but what you want to hide: the fragility of life, the fullness that may involve open to perception, the door that allows us to leave the estrangement in which we immerse ourselves and allows us to see beyond the tumultuous mark that surrounds us modernity.