Paloma.pieLdEarenA is born in early 2014 with the aim of opening a space where being able to question oneself through the language of the body as a soul landscape, allowing creators and spectators to share moments of reflection in which to be able to connect, re-know themselves and open up to new sensations and emotions.

A constant contrast between strength and fragility, hardness and harmony, appears in each of the works, in which there is a priority desire to touch, move, somehow to the viewer, make it active, share in the moment, its moment, open a door behind which illuminate realities, where each of us will become aware in its own way, filling from the skin to the heart.
Trying to generate a place to speak through the body about the soul and everything that  touch  it, in order to share thoughts and emotions, and comunicate from heart to heart with another people, she uses a corporal language between contemporary dance, dance-theatre and phisical theatre .In her repertoire: Dakini-2012 (solo)Tulipán en tierra muerta-2012 (duet), Tiana-2013 (solo), 15º al Oeste- 2014 (trio for non conventional spaces),    Iwa Pelé-2015 (multidisciplinar performance), Drei-2016 (composed for three short performances: Desert Rose, ääniä & Mintaka, created with the composer Samuel Aguilar), Träd-2017 (trio for non conventional spaces), Labranza Project-2016/2018 (developed and created by Colectivo Lamajara, it has a complete way of understanding dance through an artsistic, pedagogic and social point of view), Ephimera-2018 (solo in colaboration with the plastic artist Angharad Herrera)

paloma piel de arena danza teatro
Foundress, creator & dancer
Paloma Hurtado

A constant contrast between strength and fragility, hardness and harmony, appears in each of her
works, in which there is a main desire to touch, to move the public, to allow themselves to take a
different, critic and active possition against the scene act; to put light on realities, where each of us will
become aware in its own way, filling from the skin to the heart.

Musician & composer
Samuel Aguilar

He has composed ambient music for various public and private spaces as well as original music for
documentaries, advertising, short films, feature films, audiovisual installations and theater and dance

Artist designer
Angharad Herrera

“Sin trampa y con cartón” was born to reuse, recycle and rekindle in me the love for drawing; that love which preserves forms, destroys them or invents them, dreams colors, captures sensations, seeks light, but also darkness

Luca Lorenzo Sala

Specialist technician, supervisor, instructor on rope acces Works and rigger. Films: Too fast too furious 6,
Wrath of Titans, Star Wars “Solo”, Jason Bourne 5. Shows: Cirque du soleil “Quidam”, “Allegria”, Disney
on ice.