Drei Paloma Hurtado Piel de Arena Danza contemporanea


Deprived of liberty, without wings, with feet that sink into the infinite sand of
a nameless desert… Me… No one…

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Desert Rose

It’s a cry from the bowels, my desire to give voice to all those people who cross seas and deserts, looking for a better future

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iwa pele paloma hurtado

Iwa Pelé

In yoruba language, Iwa Péle means good carácter and it promotes spiritually and good behaviour.

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15º al Oeste

The forest of chairs gradually becomes populated. They are like small incipient buds, tentative, uneasy.
Very little vital signs. One body doesn´t know how to react without habits. Gravity is dancer’s practice.
Uncertainty is the observer’s practice.

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Chiuahua paloma piel de arena danza contemporanea


I realise that I was born in a farewell age, that my first steps were the last ones of an incredible person, that simple things are so necessary…

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…her life cycles change, her symbolic representations change, but in the heart she doesn’t change. She is simply what she is and that is everything.

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There are so many lifes inside one single person. What will happen if every day you woke up in a different place in the world and you had to live, one by one, each of those possible lifes?

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What hides under the layers of this onion? In there I find what I was looking for…you…a reflection of the self that completes me.

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