We are living in a evolution-regression moment today.


We have adopted new tendencies trying to get back to the traditional and more ecologic systems, the authenticity and true identity, in response to the over explotation of resources. There is a need to face the authenticity of the things, to meet with what makes us feel alive and in contact with the nature.

Labranza is the new project developed by Colectivo Lamajara, run by Daniel RosadoReinaldo Ribeiro and Paloma Hurtado. From these artistic group meeting, it comes the restlessness need to question themselves where the essence of movement should be found, through this new project inspired by the country-side tradition.

Labranza uses the magic of those peasants, as a working progress tool, which through their body language and movements done on the earth already inspired by writer Muñoz Rojas in his poetry and paintings of French artist Jean-François Millet.
Labranza Project is the reflexion of the common thing, of the daily, the authentic, the people, the identity, the countryside stories, the deep countryside, its culture, the harvest, the fallow, the tradition, their laughing and hopes and the contemplation. It is a reflexion of the landscape, its people and their tasks full of vitality. The project expresses itself full on content and it holds by stories of yesteryear, which moves the entire environment, in an easy way, and makes it authentic.

LabraT (training)

Labranza (creación en proceso)