Paloma Hurtado

When emotion becomes movement.

When your dancing steps scream choked words.

When the tissue becomes a verb and the contractions break the body.

When you taste the bitterness in your mouth while you dance, you hear the echo of their voices, you see with your eyes closed beyond the limits of space and time.


You begin to understand dance as an act of faith, deep and sincere.



Political Body

Then dancing becomes a journey, which makes us transgress the laws of nature and be one and thousands at the same time, and be outside and inside time; touch with your gaze and hold onto your heart as if you could squeeze every millimeter of flesh of that muscle that pulses life in every systole and every diastole.

There, in that infinite and ephemeral moment, in that moment when life is full and consumes you without mercy. There, where you stop being you and become an infinite being, the heart breaks into a thousand pieces that you distribute among each soul that is nearby.

Nowadays, this is accompanied by a very strong feeling of responsibility regarding the ability to return empathy and emotion to an increasingly individualistic and disconnected world.