"...the nobodies, the children of no one, the owners of nothing...who cost less than the bullet that kills them..."

Desert Rose

Creation and interpretation: Paloma Hurtado.

Original music: Samuel Aguilar.

Locker room: Paloma Hurtado.

Lightning: Grace Morales.

Duration: 15min.

Premiere: January 2016.

Photography: Luca Lorenzo Sala


Deprived of freedom, without wings, with feet that sink into the infinite sand of a nameless desert...I...no one... More in danger than ever, they think they can defend themselves and they get lost...they...no one. And to avoid it, the dream of letting myself pierce my heart is born in me; a heart between trails and mountains, humble, at ground level. “Desert rose” is a cry from the inside, a desire to give voice to all those people who cross seas and deserts, looking for a better future.

Small format show for the living room.

Thanks to Teatro Victoria.

"a scream from the inside"