Concept and creation: Paloma Hurtado.

Choreography and performance: Paloma Hurtado, Laura Marrero and Daniel Morales.

Lightning: Grace Morales.

Costumes (design and tailoring): Raquel Rodríguez.

Production: Begoña Domínguez.

Coordination and stage assistance: Helena Berthelius.

15º west

Music: Kaki King (Street light in the egg), Jocelyn Pook (Romeo y Julieta, Forever without end), Gold Panda (An iceberg hurled northwards through clouds), The foals (Spanish Sahara instrumental), Jon Hopkins (Vessel), Max Richter ( Below 5).

Duration: 70 minutes

Premiere: June 2014.

Medium format show for unconventional spaces.

Produced by Auditorio de Tenerife.

«It is the story of many journeys, of many people»


“The summer night sky guides us. Clouds of sand migrate in reddish-orange waves from the Sahara, forming paths that connect with other paths, with other people; forming borders that a single step can tear down. It is the story of many trips, of many people, through a journey through the memory of the body, through the abyss of sensations. To travel, it is enough to is in us where landscapes have soul.”