Paloma Hurtado danza contemporanea


Concept: Toya Durango, Gemma León Luis, Paloma de la Cruz y Paloma Hurtado.
Choreography & performance: Paloma Hurtado.
Music: María Bethania (Monólogo Orfeu, Sonho impossível), Ara Malikian, Joan Valent (Insula Poética), Ara Malikian y Jose Luis Montón (Estranha forma de vida).
Length: 15-20min.
Solo for theater and non conventional spaces.


“Walking through deserts, forests, oceans, cities, neighborhoods, the castles. She lives between Queens and farmers, in the room of the Guest House, in factories, in jail, in the mountains of loneliness. Living in the ghetto, in the University, in the streets. Leave their footprints wherever there is fertile land”