Political Body

Paloma Hurtado de la Cruz. Born in Malaga on February 7, 1987. In 2007 she obtained the title of Intermediate Degree in Contemporary dance at the Royal Professional Conservatory of Dance of Madrid. 


Since 2007 he has lived in Tenerife and until 2015 he is a member of the Tenerifedanzalab dance laboratory. In 2012 she began working as an independent dancer and creator. 

Since 2015, member of the Lamajara Collective, recognized nationally and internationally for its Tillage Project. In 2018 he received the Replica Award for the Best Performer in the Canary Islands for his participation in the play “Dulces Bestias”. 


In 2021 he receives the Award for Outstanding Performer of the Tetuán District Contest and the Award for Best Performer at the Masdanza Choreographic Contest for his work Ina.0He has worked with choreographers such as Daniel Abreu, Tino Fernández and Juliana Reyes (L'Explose), Anne Lebatarde (Ex Nihilo), Edmond Russo & Shlomi Twizer (Afari Esteri), Roberto Torres (nómada company), Thomé Araujo (Málaga Danza Teatro ).

In its repertoire It has the following creations: Dakini-2012 (only small format for unconventional spaces, currently on tour), Tulip in dead ground-2012 (duo created together with the dancer Juan Manzano, performed in Vila Real en Dansa, where he obtained a special mention from the jury), Camille Claudel bio-symphony-2013 (dance theater work for four dancers and one actor, directed by Juan Hurtado, premiered at the Malaga Theater Festival, Teatro Echegaray), Tiana-2013 (small format only), 15º west– 2014 (work for three performers for unconventional medium-format spaces, created for Auditorio de Tenerife, within “tenerifedanzalab”),  Iwa Pelé-2015 (multidisciplinary show of contemporary dance, percussion and audiovisuals), drei-2016 (show created together with the Lanzarote composer Samuel Aguilar, composed of three short works: ääniä, Desert Rose and Mintaka), Trad-2017 (small format street show, currently on tour), project Tillage 2017-2018 (encompasses a series of proposals with different formats whose pillar is the comparison between the dancer and the peasant and the contexts in which both operate), Ephimera-2018 (street only, selected by the Dance on Stage Catalog 2019, currently on tour). In 2019 he choreographed for the Auditorio de Tenerife resident company “Lava”, with a version for five dancers of the show “15º al Oeste”. 2020- Igneous (co-creation with Daniel Rosado and Reinaldo Ribeiro, a medium-format piece for five dancers that receives the Replica Award for Best Dance Work and Award for Best Lighting), 2021- Ina (50' medium format duo, created together with the choreographer Daniel Morales and the lighting designer Alfredo Díez, selected by the Danza a Escena Catalog 2022, Platea 2022-2023 and  Replica Award 2022 for Best Dance Show and Best Lighting), 2022- AhimsA (dúo para espacios no convencionales junto a la cantante Yexza Lara). 2023-ORIGanika (creada y dirigida por la dramaturga Juliana Reyes de la compañía colombiana L’Explose en coproducción con Paloma, quien asume la coreografía e interpretación de este solo de mediano formato para teatros de 50’).

In dance, I find authenticity, 

the expression, and the emotion that defines me.

Art arises as a necessity and as a duty, to allow us to feel, think, reflect, question ourselves, share. He continually asks about the role of the spectator in the work of art, seeking to promote his active place, participant, co-responsible for the scenic event of which he is a primary element. His work is based on responsibility towards the artistic fact, humility towards creation and the scene, the metaphor and poetics of the sign, the scene as a rite, a strong social commitment and justice.

Vivir es estar en movimiento,

bailar es sentirse vivo.