There are many lives within a life. What would happen if every day you woke up in a place in the world, and you had to live, one by one, each of those possible lives?


Creation: Paloma.pieldEarenA                        Interpretation: Paloma Hurtado, Daniel Rosado, Daniel Morales.

Music: Jerusalem (Kroke), Tristesse (La Source des Femmes), Moan Thing (Nick Cave & Warren Ellis), La Llorona (Beirut), The Shrew (March of the Zapotec).

Duration: 15min.

Premiere: June 2017.

Street show.


“My poor companions who dream out loud, how I envy them with shame! With me are the others, the poorest, those who have only themselves to tell their dreams and write what would be verses, if they wrote them; the poor devils with no more literature than their own soul, who die suffocated by the fact of existing” (Pessoa).

"I would even settle for bothering a little"