“I would even settle for annoying a little. Annoyance is what makes us stop along the way, take off our shoe and shake it to remove the stone. A moment of pause is sometimes enough for someone to raise their head, look around and discover that the landscape is much wider than the fragment of horizon on which we fix our eyes while walking.”


Only small format of 20 minutes for street

Creation: Paloma Hurtado

Interpretation: Paloma Hurtado, Yexza Lara

Music: Yexza Lara, Singeli Fantas.

Texts: Paloma Hurtado.

They collaborate: La Laguna City Hall, Vistoria Theater and La Gomera CC.


Invisibility as a form of collective belonging. See, not see, want or not want to see, hide, try not to be seen, live in the shadows, live hidden, without a name, without a face, without identity... the current Spanish legal framework makes thousands of people who reside in our country, condemning them to go around in a vicious circle of exclusion and marginality. Efforts to achieve a context of peaceful, plural and egalitarian coexistence continue to be here and now.


The human being, in a display of humanity, becomes a conscious animal and simply IS in tune with what surrounds him, one more small piece of a great gear that is the universe in its vast grandeur. With the wish of a humanity/herd of horses that run freely in search of their dreams.

"I would even settle for bothering a little"

Law Proposal

Sign the Bill for an extraordinary regularization for foreigners in Spain